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If the alleged father of the child is the one giving consent for the child to be tested, then please note faqs. If you could please provide to us (by e-mail) evidence of your authority to give PR (e.g. a statement of how you believe you have PR or a .pdf of the full birth certificate with the alleged fathers name on it), then we would be grateful.

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Sample Collection

All samples must be taken by an independent third party.

For applicants based in the UK, we operate our own network of registered samplers that can be arranged at a time and location of your convenience. This price is dependent upon the location and number of donors. Alternatively, you can have your sample taken by your GP/nurse, in which case we would need the address of your doctor’s surgery. Please note your GP may charge for this service.

For applicants based overseas, we will need the address of the medical Centre to send the kit. Please note courier charges may apply and the family is responsible for any sampling fee.

Thank you for your enquiry, one of our highly trained advisors will be in contact shortly to arrange your DNA test and take payment.

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