Top 5 Paternity Test Myths

7th Oct | All

  1. It’s expensive – Initially, paternity testing was, on the whole, quite expensive, with standard fee prices being anywhere from £700. As biotechnology has advanced, paternity testing costs have dropped significantly. At dadchecksilver®, we offer DNA testing from only £145 with no hidden extras for a range of different circumstances.
  2. The dad must take part – though it would be the ideal situation that the alleged father would take part in DNA testing, grandparents can be tested to. At dadchecksilver®, we offer a grandparentage test involving the child, mother and both grandparents to establish their relationship to the child if the alleged father is not available for the DNA test.
  3. It takes a long time – at dadchecksilver®, we provide a express two day service for £185 for paternity testing which can guarantee the result of your test within a 48 hour period. Alternatively, a 4-day service is available to ensure you receive your results in this time frame. The price of each will differ depending on which you choose, however the maximum time you will wait is only 4 days.
  4. All labs are the same so the cheaper one is best – just because a test is cheaper, doesn’t always mean it is the better option. A lot of the time, a cheaper test will not be conducted in an accredited lab, meaning your results could be contaminated with and be inaccurate. We aim to offer exemplary DNA testing services with our state-of-the-art laboratories to ensure the most accurate tests possible.
  5. All DNA tests are admissible in court – Though our dadcheckgold® service is admissible in court and can be used for many legal purposes, our dadchecksilver® test kits only provide for those who want some peace of mind about their family relations and cannot be used for any other reason. Therefore, it is important to get in touch with our reliable team who can advise you on the best test to take dependant on your circumstance.